Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tips FYP

Ni aku salin masa lec FYP utk kelas ak... . Untuk buat report FYP nanti.. So, bolehla kite share2...

Rules to follow ;

1) Avoid personal pronouns (I,you,we,etc...)
2) Avoid making several point in one sentences.
3) Avoid jargon/slang.
4) Use simple word than complex.
5) Common practice to present your report in past tense.
6) Present tense should be use when referencing to the work of others.
7) Avoid jokes and personal asides.
8) Avoid shortened forms such as "isn't"
9) Make suke you know to use apostrophes.
10) Use a spell checker.

For Abstract;

~ Summarizes whole project and provides the reader when an overview of our project. Consist of project motivation, methodology, finding and future work.
~ No more than 1 page.

For conclusions;

1) Summarize what has benn achieved in the project.
2) Conclusion should match your study objectives.
3) Relate to the aim of the project.
4) Supported by data.
5) Any problem encaountered in the course of the project should be noted here. (ckit2 jek, jgn sampai menjahanamkan projek kite je dah)

Itula sedikit sbyk yg blh dijadikan panduan.. Trima kasehhh!!!!

cilok dari sini

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